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About Kentucky Filmworks Murray Ky
Ken Andrus making the crane shot

Ken Andrus, director and producer, has 20 years experience working with cameras, lighting, and media.
By taking classes in advertising, marketing, and filmmaking, we strive to make our marketing videos more effective.

Secondly, Refresher courses keep us up to date with modern techniques.  Like studying  with The Harmon Brothers, Advertising and Marketing Agency. That  training helps make our videos better.  The Harmon Brothers make the funny commercials for Chatbooks,   Squatty Potty,  and Poo Pourri.

We also work on:

Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Marketing and Web commercials,  and TV shows.

Ken is also a Songwriter, and musician.

Ken and Karen  have 3 children, and 2 grandchildren.